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Jan Christoph’s personal vim configuration


The first thing you should do is install quilt and apply all the patches. This is useful because a lot of the installed plugins didn’t fit my needs or have little bugs that disrupt my work. Once you are done with this you might want to add a .vim/personal.vim file which contains additional settings. Have a look at the help topic config-personal.vim (:h config-personal.vim) for more information.

Every plugin that’s used for this configuration has been registered in the file .vim/GetLatest/GetLatestVimScripts.dat additionally all changes I did to the plugins are tracked by quilt in the patches directory.

To get an idea of what plugins are available and how to use them run the following command in vim: :h config

That’s basically it.

If you have questions, comments, patches … please send it to


  • Run register_dotvim to register the .vim, .vimrc and other .vim* files properly.

  • Run quilt push -a to activate all patches.

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