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" Author: Jan Christoph Ebersbach jceb AT e-jc DOT de
" global variables to make life easier when dealing with different
" system environments
let g:sep = pathogen#separator()
let g:vimdir = '~'.g:sep.(has('unix') ? '.vim' : 'vimfiles')
let g:vimconfigdir = g:vimdir.g:sep.'config'
" ToC - use UTL to jump to the entries
" <url:~/.vim/config/plugin_config.vim#tn=Plugin Settings:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'plugin_config.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/plugin_manager.vim#tn=Plugin Manager:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'plugin_manager.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/settings.vim#tn=Global Settings:>
" <url:~/.vim/config/settings.vim#tn=Miscellaneous Settings:>
" <url:~/.vim/config/settings.vim#tn=Visual Settings:>
" <url:~/.vim/config/settings.vim#tn=Text Settings:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'settings.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/keybindings.vim#tn=Keymappings:>
" <url:~/.vim/config/keybindings.vim#tn=Changes To The Default Behavior:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'keybindings.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/commands.vim#tn=Commands:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'commands.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/auto_commands.vim#tn=Autocommands:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'auto_commands.vim'
" <url:~/.vim/config/personal.vim#tn=Personal Settings:>
exec 'source '.g:vimconfigdir.g:sep.'personal.vim'
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