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osmenrich: enrich geocoded data using OpenStreetMap

Github Action test DOI Project Status: Active – The project has reached a stable, usable state and is being actively developed.

The goal of osmenrich is to easily enrich geocoded data (latitude/longitude) with geographic features from OpenStreetMap (OSM). The main language of the package is R and this package is designed to work with the sf and osmdata packages for collecting and manipulating geodata.


To install the package, you first need to have the remotes package installed. If you do not have this package yet, please install it first with:


If you do have this package, due to recent changes in GitHub’s naming of branches, please make sure you have the latest version of remotes or at least version 2.2.

Once you did this, to continue the installation of the osmenrich package, run:


or, for the development version, run:


This will use the default public APIs for OSM data and routing (for computing driving/walking distances and durations). Do not use osmenrich with default APIs for large datasets! If you want to learn how to use osmenrich for large queries follow the instructions in section Local API Setup below.


Simple enrichment example

Let’s enrich a spatial (sf) dataset (sf_example) with the number of waste baskets in a radius of 500 meters from each of the point specified in a dataset:

# Import libraries

# Create an example dataset to enrich
sf_example <-
    ~person,  ~lat,   ~lon,
    "Alice",  52.12,  5.09,
    "Bob",    52.13,  5.08,
  ) %>%
    coords = c("lon", "lat"),
    crs = 4326

# Print it
#> Simple feature collection with 2 features and 1 field
#> geometry type:  POINT
#> dimension:      XY
#> bbox:           xmin: 5.08 ymin: 52.12 xmax: 5.09 ymax: 52.13
#> CRS:            EPSG:4326
#> # A tibble: 2 x 2
#>   person     geometry
#> * <chr>   <POINT [°]>
#> 1 Alice  (5.09 52.12)
#> 2 Bob    (5.08 52.13)

To enrich the sf_example dataset with “waste baskets” in a 500m radius, you can create a query using the enrich_osm() function. This function uses the bounding box created by the points present in the example dataset and searches for the specified key = "amenity" and value = "waste_basket. You can also add a custom name for the newly created column and specify the radius (r) used in the search. See Map Features on the website of OSM for a complete list of key and value combinations.

# Simple OSMEnrich query
sf_example_enriched <- sf_example %>%
    name = "n_waste_baskets",
    key = "amenity",
    value = "waste_basket",
    r = 500
#> Downloading data for waste_baskets... Done.
#> Downloaded 147 points, 0 lines, 0 polygons, 0 mlines, 0 mpolygons.
#> Computing distance matrix for n_waste_baskets...Done.

The resulting enriched dataset sf_example_enriched is a sf object and can be printed as usual to inspect the newly added column n_waste_baskets.

#> Simple feature collection with 2 features and 2 fields
#> geometry type:  POINT
#> dimension:      XY
#> bbox:           xmin: 5.08 ymin: 52.12 xmax: 5.09 ymax: 52.13
#> geographic CRS: WGS 84
#> # A tibble: 2 x 3
#>   person     geometry n_waste_baskets
#> * <chr>   <POINT [°]>         <int>
#> 1 Alice  (5.09 52.12)            75
#> 2 Bob    (5.08 52.13)             1

The waste baskets column is now the result of summing all the wastebaskets in a 500 meter radius for Alice and Bob:

Local API setup

OSM enrichment can ask for a lot of data, which can overload public APIs. If you intend to enrich large amounts of data or compute routing distances (e.g., driving duration) between many points, you should set up a local API endpoint.

Multiple docker-compose workflows for doing this are avaialble in the separate osmenrich_docker repository. Use the README in the repository to select the workflow that fits your desired outcome.

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Contributions are what make the open source community an amazing place to learn, inspire, and create. Any contributions you make are greatly appreciated.

Please refer to the CONTRIBUTING file for more information on issues and pull requests.

License and citation

The osmenrich package is published under the MIT license. When using osmenrich for academic work, please cite:

van Kesteren, Erik-Jan, Vida, Leonardo, de Bruin, Jonathan, & Oberski, Daniel. (2021, February 11).
Enrich sf Data with Geographic Features from OpenStreetMaps (Version v1.0). Zenodo.


This package is developed and maintained by the ODISSEI Social Data Science (SoDa) team.

Do you have questions, suggestions, or remarks? File an issue in the issue tracker or feel free to contact Erik-Jan van Kesteren ([@ejvankesteren]( or Leonardo Vida ([@leonardojvida](

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