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Vue.js Regression Test

Regression test for major libraries in Vue.js ecosystem.

Run periodically against Vue.js dev branch. Can also be manually triggered by pushing to Vue.js regression-test branch.

Build & Run

Since we use CircleCI workflows to speed up tests for multiple libraries, it is not impossible to run them locally.

Included Libraries

How to Add/Update Third Party Libraries

Requirements for Including Libraries

  • Significant user base
  • No failing tests for currently Vue.js stable release
  • No random failing tests

To Add a New Library

Adding a new library requires the following steps:

  • Add git submodule (point to the latest stable release tag)
  • Config test job for CircleCI
    • Take the vuetify job as a reference
    • If tests are run by jest, add --maxWorkers 2 to jest argument list (otherwise it will cause memory issues on CircleCI)
  • Add test job to test_all workflow

To Update an Existing Library

Third-party libraies should be updated manually. The basic idea is to update libraries to their latest stable releases. Release tags are listed on their corresponding GitHub Releases pages.

git submodule update --remote <directory-name>
cd <directory-name>
git checkout <latest-stabe-version>
cd ..
git add <directory-name>
git commit -m 'chore: update library version'
git push