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Quantitative and Computational Biology

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  1. MMseqs2: ultra fast and sensitive search and clustering suite

    C++ 385 59

  2. Remote protein homology detection suite.

    C 182 77

  3. Predict prokaryotic host for phage metagenomic sequences

    C++ 21 8

  4. Bayesian Markov Model motif discovery tool version 2 - An expectation maximization algorithm for the de novo discovery of enriched motifs as modelled by higher-order Markov models.

    C++ 6 4

  5. PEnG-motif is an open-source software package for searching statistically overrepresented motifs (position specific weight matrices, PWMs) in a set of DNA sequences.

    C++ 5 3

  6. Bayesian multiple logistic regression for GWAS meta-analysis

    Python 10


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