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A computer algebra system (CAS) for high school students
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Bracket is a computer algebra system (CAS) written in Racket.

The goal is to write a CAS suitable for all tasks in a high school mathematics curriculum. That is, the goal is not to write a CAS with the scope of Maxima and Mathematica.

The most relevant problem types are: symbolic equation solving, differentiation, integration, sums, and, vector calculations.

The GUI will be inspired by NSpire which interface is very accessible to high school students (but whose programming language is, well, rather poor). Since Racket supports platforms independent GUIs til program will be available on Windows, OS X, and, Linux.

That said, Bracket is not in a usable shape yet. Development has just begon.

Spin off mathematics libraries will be made available on PLaneT.


Open and run install.rkt in DrRacket to install the packages that Bracket uses.


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