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Experiments with require
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This module implements (require (github ...)) syntax.


The user "soegaard" has a repository "this-and-that" on GitHub:

The latest commit-id (read: version) is "faf74b7". The file "split-between.rkt" provides a function split-between.

> (require (github soegaard this-and-that master faf74b7 "split-between.rkt"))
[Downloading from GitHub.]
> (split-between (λ (x y) (not (= x y))) '(1 1 2 3 3 4 5 5))
'((1 1) (2) (3 3) (4) (5 5))

The form automatically downloads the latest version of the repository from GitHub. It is stored in a cache. The second time a given version is required it is not downloaded again.

It is possible to use head as the commit-id in order to get the latest version from GitHub. Using an explicit commit-id is faster though. When using head a http request to GitHub is needed to establish the commit-id of the head.

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