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Whalesong needs Racket 6.2. As is Whalesong doesn't work on version 6.3 or greater. See


raco pkg install -j 1 --force --deps search-auto --scope installation whalesong

Important: Use -j 1 to build Whalesong (this turns off parallel builds) This also means, that you can't install Whalesong from the DrRacket package manager.

This fork of Whalesong differs from dyoo/whalesong in the following ways:

  • Builds on version 6.2 of Racket (fixes the x undefined problem)
  • Adds for (require whalesong/lang/for)
  • Adds match (require whalesong/lang/match)
  • Adds on-release (as a complement to on-key) Contributed by Darren Cruse
  • Adds parameters (require whalesong/lang/parameters)
  • Extended whalesong/image and whalesong/images (more functions, bug fixes, now matches WeScheme) Contributed by Emmanuel Schanzer
  • Adds play-sound (assumes a browser with html5 audio support) Contributed by Emmanuel Schanzer and Darren Cruse
  • Bug fixes by Vishesh Yadav
  • The flag --as-standalone-xhtml is now --as-standalone-html and produces standalone html rather than xhtml.

Note: The implementation of parameters works fine, as long as you don't mix parameterize with non-local-exits and reentries (i.e. call/cc and friends)


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