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#lang planet dyoo/whalesong
;; shuffle: vector -> vector
;; Reorders the contents of a vector according to the Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm.
(define (shuffle! a-vec)
(letrec ([iter (lambda (i)
[(<= i 0)
(let* ([index (random (add1 i))]
[t (vector-ref a-vec i)])
(vector-set! a-vec i (vector-ref a-vec index))
(vector-set! a-vec index t)
(iter (sub1 i)))]))])
(iter (sub1 (vector-length a-vec)))))
(shuffle! (vector))
(shuffle! (vector 'one))
(shuffle! (vector 1 2))
(shuffle! (vector "red" "white" "blue"))
(shuffle! (list->vector (string->list "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz")))
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