Collection of (small) scripts for Tampermonkey
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Google Redirect Notice.user.js
Heise Onepage.user.js
Heise Topper.user.js
LICENSE Topper.user.js
ZON Onepage.user.js


This is a collection of scripts for Tampermonkey.

Google Redirect Notice.user.js

When clicking links in Google Calendar, for security reasons you get a manual redirection page. As this is ridiculous when you are the only user creating events, this script auto-skips the redirection page.

Heise Onepage.user.js, ZON Onepage.user.js

Since I'm quite able to use vertical scrollbars, I prefer reading articles on one page. These scripts redirect to the one-page-versions of articles.

Heise Topper.user.js, Topper.user.js

From some websites I remove some space wasting header elements. If the content area is on an absolut position, it may leave unused space at the top of the page. The topper-scripts move the content areas upwards.


Contains some scripts I no longer use but which may come handy when a page changes its behaviour.