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MythBox for XBMC


MythBox is a MythTV frontend for XBMC. Developed as an XBMC addon, MythBox aims to make watching TV a simple (wife tested!) and enjoyable experience using only your remote control.


  • Watch recordings with commercial skipping
  • Watch Live TV
  • Create and update recording schedules
  • View upcoming recordings
  • Enhanced program guide
  • Fanart downloaded from tvdb, tmdb, imdb, and google image search
  • Season and episode numbers downloaded from tvrage and tvdb
  • View tuner and job queue info
  • Compatible with MythTV 0.21-0.25+
  • Add your own public Twitter feeds
  • Move comm flagging jobs to the front of the queue
  • Trigger user jobs, comm flagging, or transcoding for a recording


  • All Platforms

    • XBMC 11.x (Eden)
    • A working MythTV 0.24/0.25 backend
  • Linux

    • 32-bit or 64-bit distro (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Arch, OpenSuse, etc)
  • Mac OSX

    • Mac OS X 10.6.7 or newer - Intel only
  • Windows

    • Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • iOS (iPad/iPhone/ATV2)

    • Jailbroken device
    • Verified on iPad 1 only (should work on others too)
    • iPad 1 is able to play SD MPEG2 w/o problems. HD MPEG2 is a bust.

MythBox does not work on the XBox.


  1. To install: System > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > XBMC.org Add-ons > Video Add-ons > MythBox

  2. To run: Videos > Video Add-ons > MythBox

  3. You'll be sent straight to the Settings screen (with an error message). Fill in all the settings and click on the 'Test Settings' button until you get a 'Settings OK' message.

  4. Exit the Settings screen & enjoy!

Keybindings/Remote Control

Context         Keyboard       MCE Remote     Action
Global          \              N/A            Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode  

Navigation      Esc            -              Go back to the previous screen
                Backspace      Back/Previous  Go back to the previous screen 
                m              Win Button     Go back to the main menu
                Home           |<<            Go to the top of the list
                End            >>|            Go to the bottom of the list
                PgUp           Chan +         Page Up
                PgDown         Chan -         Page Down
Playing Video   x              Stop           Stop video
                Space          Pause          Pause video
                PrtScrn        Record         Take screenshot
                i              Info           Show program info                               
                o              Guide          Show audio/video/fps stats
                z              OK             Toggle zoom modes
                Tab            Enter          Toggle fullscreen/embedded player mode

Home Window     Down           Down           Activate popup menu to delete
Coverflow                                     or re-record the selected

Recording       PgUp           Chan +         Goto previous recording
Details Window  PgDown         Chan -         Goto next recording

TV Guide        PgUp           Chan +         Scroll TV guide up one page
                PgDown         Chan -         Scroll TV guide down one page
                r              <<             Scroll TV guide left one page
                f              >>             Scroll TV guide right one page                                                    
                ?              |<<            Scroll TV guide back 1 day  
                ?              >>|            Scroll TV guide forward 1 day