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Commits on Sep 04, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Add wget to list of build deps. Fixes #1202. 4b9630c
@john-tornblom john-tornblom Make sure we use SHA1 and not SHA0. fixes compiling error when SHA0 i…
…s disabled in openssl.
@adamsutton adamsutton Ensure CC is overridden (but only) if default var is in use. b2db316
@john-tornblom john-tornblom Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' a3818f2
@john-tornblom john-tornblom fix missing include for clock_nanosleep (seems to only affect uclibc) c6faff9
@adamsutton adamsutton Forgot to espace $ in generation. d3782d3
@john-tornblom john-tornblom Reduce kernel calls to tcp_sendmsg. This patch reduces the cpu usage …
…from 100% to about 30% on my WNR3500Lv2.
Commits on Sep 05, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Some basic python libs for htsmsg and htsp. Includes debug/support sc…
…ripts for monitoring htsp async messages (support/htspmon) and epg dumping (support/epgdump).
Commits on Sep 06, 2012
@john-tornblom john-tornblom Use pcr pid from streaming_start in case it changes during muxing 8126f2a
@john-tornblom john-tornblom fix 100% cpu usage of rawtsinput when no subscription is active 4a82578
@john-tornblom john-tornblom avoid parsing packets if no subscription is going to recieve them. 967650a
@john-tornblom john-tornblom avoid kernel calls to read_hpet by replacing CLOCK_MONOTONIC with CLO…
…CK_MONOTONIC_COARSE. This speeds up things a bit on low end devices (tested on WNR3500Lv2).
@john-tornblom john-tornblom fix compilation error on older systems where CLOCK_MONOTONIC_COARSE i…
…s not defined.
@adamsutton adamsutton Add some additional support to added for new feature ch…
…eck in configure that has now been abandoned.
Commits on Sep 10, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton DEBUG: extra func in hexdump. ea99a31
Commits on Sep 11, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Fix parsing of dd_progid SH records. Fixes #1189. Fixes #1216. ece441f
@adamsutton adamsutton Update the EPG code to include text at broadcast level, removing titl…
…e/desc hashing for URI and add a broadcast level linkage mechanism (series link, which shoudl be more like a standard STB). Fixes #1108.
@adamsutton adamsutton Replace existing series recording with simpler version for now. Fixes…
… #1208, Fixes #1201 and Fixes #1176.
@adamsutton adamsutton Clean up the UI for series link and related broadcasts. For now all r…
…elated info is removed and "Record Series" is change to "Autorec" if no series link is available.
@adamsutton adamsutton Added support for processing default authority (CRID) and modded tabl…
…e code to have a full PID x11 callback. Hooked into existing usage in EIT code.
@adamsutton adamsutton Ensure that EIT scanning will not block after first pass, will only u…
…pdate as required and will continue to operate if someone stays tuned to the mux.
@adamsutton adamsutton Include XMLTV channel name in EPG source selection. Fixes #1164. 255da95
@xhaggi xhaggi service: translate stream language code to iso-639-2/b 2c8b103
@adamsutton adamsutton Some updates to the use of lang codes inside TVH. 5e8d239
@adamsutton adamsutton Added a few extra lang code functions. 09042fd
@hmronline hmronline Added Argentina to the country list 0fe5d82
@adamsutton adamsutton Add a few special codes I had forgotten about (one is DVB specific an…
…d outside normal ISO spec).
@adamsutton adamsutton Correct mistake in the Makefile (added during configure update) that …
…causes high CPU load on some architectures due to missing optimisations.
Commits on Sep 12, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Stupid logic error I had previously fixed and obviously not committed…
…. Fixes #1219.
Commits on Sep 13, 2012
@rkunze rkunze Fix compile error on systems without loadavg() (e.g. uClibc) ee35bff
@xhaggi xhaggi webui: upgrade to Ext JS 3.4.0 66d3e99
@adamsutton adamsutton Correct EIT status monitoring. 99f1b8f
@adamsutton adamsutton Make closing file descriptors (when idle) optional, it breaks some (i…
….e. my) cards.
Commits on Sep 14, 2012
@xhaggi xhaggi webui: Fixes #1220 - javascript error while selecting a tv adapater w…
…ithin configuration section.
@adamsutton adamsutton Correct EPG TRACE debug statements. fbb9648
@adamsutton adamsutton Ensure PyEPG does not appear in basic list unless its installed. 86b1a3a
@adamsutton adamsutton Make filebundling code work with gcc 4.5 and older. 1faabf7
@adamsutton adamsutton Accidentally removed XMLTV description parsing. a0025cc
@adamsutton adamsutton Forgot to save/load descriptions at the broadcast level. 101755f
Commits on Sep 15, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Forgot to properly copy new broadcast level text into recordings. 65a53bb
Commits on Sep 16, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Fix memory leak in opentv. 3cdef3f
@adamsutton adamsutton Null ptr safety checks. 3aaa83c
@adamsutton adamsutton Reverted all 64bit IDs in EPG back to 32bit (was excessive and incomp…
…atible with a lot of stuff).
@adamsutton adamsutton Slight re-ordering of debug and destructors to be more correct. c3d26b5
@adamsutton adamsutton Correct stupid mistake in epg_broadcast_destroy that could lead to me…
…mory leak and possible corruption. Fixes #1223 and Fixes #1224.
Commits on Sep 17, 2012
@adamsutton adamsutton Added the ability to map multiple EPG channels to the same TVH channe…
…l. Fixes #1163. Also fixed error in opentv which Fixes #1154.
@adamsutton adamsutton Hack to get lovcombo working in extjs 3.4. 921f381
@adamsutton adamsutton Correct mistake with processing season numbers in xmltv. 734cf84
@xhaggi xhaggi webui: added new component ItemSelector to select default language(s) 50d10d0
@sofakng Added support for DBS Bandstacked LNBFs 9b72f5e