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  • Aug 23, 2012


    - Fix some more int-float conversion specifiers.
    - Max CPUs: increase to 16.
    - Scaling: adjust for scale_x/scale_y being floats.
    - nanosleep: capture errno if interrupted.
    - Fractional math - fix this up for 32bit systems.
    - Signals: HUP -> write graph and exit.
    - Allow fractional logging frequencies.
    - the e_fd variable was assumed to be static, otherwise you not
     only leak an fd per sample, but in theory it is garbage content as well
    - entropy: don't log this much debug output.
    - s/freq/hz/
    - freq: test for freq==0
    - entropy: log and graph the entropy_avail procfs file.
  • Jul 15, 2012
  • Jun 2, 2012


    Tag and release v1.18
  • May 26, 2012


    memory: don't statically allocate MAXSAMPLES for ps_sched_struct.
    The allocation for the array ps_sched_sctruct in ps_struct is
    about 200k for MAXSAMPLES, but we most likely never will allocate
    anywhere near that much. Dynamically allocating this is a nice
    reduction in memory usage and memset() work.
  • Mar 28, 2012
  • Mar 15, 2012
  • Feb 7, 2012


    Auke Kok (8):
          Basic h/v scaling code.
          Fix scaling slightly, also fix Pss unit - it's K, not M.
          Some more scaling stuff.
          pss: make this a gazillion times more efficient
          Fix label position on the Pss graph.
          Fix up vertical scaling for PSS.
          PSS logging optimization: force 4k buffer for smaps
          Insert a header documenting the version used, and run time params.
  • Jan 30, 2012


    - Make init's path configurable.
    - Take out this debugging stuff.
    - Add max PSS top #10 as well - display biggest memory consumers.
    - Center label vertically inside each memory block.
    - Print out memory scale.
    - Set a minimum width for graphs to always fit the header.
  • Jul 27, 2011
  • Jul 26, 2011


    Rev to 1.11, heavily annotate the bootchartd.conf.example explaining …
    …all the options.
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