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A production-grade java implementation of RAFT consensus algorithm.
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SOFAJRaft is a production-level, high-performance Java implementation based on the RAFT consistency algorithm that supports MULTI-RAFT-GROUP for high-load, low-latency scenarios. With SOFAJRaft you can focus on your business area. SOFAJRaft handles all RAFT-related technical challenges. SOFAJRaft is very user-friendly, which provides several examples, making it easy to understand and use.


  • Leader election and priority-based semi-deterministic leader election
  • Log replication and recovery
  • Read-only member (learner)
  • Snapshot and log compaction
  • Cluster membership management, adding nodes, removing nodes, replacing nodes, etc.
  • Mechanism of transfer leader for reboot, load balance scene, etc.
  • Symmetric network partition tolerance
  • Asymmetric network partition tolerance
  • Fault tolerance, minority failure doesn't affect the overall availability of system
  • Manual recovery cluster available for majority failure
  • Linearizable read, ReadIndex/LeaseRead
  • Replication pipeline
  • Rich statistics to analyze the performance based on Metrics
  • Passed Jepsen consistency verification test
  • SOFAJRaft includes an embedded distributed KV storage implementation


Compile requirement: JDK 8+ and Maven 3.2.5+ .



How to contribute


SOFAJRaft was ported from Baidu's braft with some optimizing and improvement. Thanks to the Baidu braft team for opening up such a great C++ RAFT implementation.


SOFAJRaft is licensed under the Apache License 2.0. SOFAJRaft relies on some third-party components, and their open source protocol is also Apache License 2.0. In addition, SOFAJRaft also directly references some code (possibly with minor changes), which open source protocol is Apache License 2.0, including

  • NonBlockingHashMap/NonBlockingHashMapLong in JCTools
  • HashedWheelTimer in Netty, also referenced Netty's Pipeline design
  • Efficient encoding/decoding of UTF8 String in Protobuf
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