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// paging.h -- Defines the interface for and structures relating to paging.
// Written for JamesM's kernel development tutorials.
#ifndef PAGING_H
#define PAGING_H
#include "../hal.h"
#include <stdint.h>
#include <multiboot.h>
typedef struct page
uint32_t present : 1; // Page present in memory
uint32_t rw : 1; // Read-only if clear, readwrite if set
uint32_t user : 1; // Supervisor level only if clear
uint32_t accessed : 1; // Has the page been accessed since last refresh?
uint32_t dirty : 1; // Has the page been written to since last refresh?
uint32_t unused : 7; // Amalgamation of unused and reserved bits
uint32_t frame : 20; // Frame address (shifted right 12 bits)
} page_t;
typedef struct page_table
page_t pages[1024];
} page_table_t;
typedef struct page_directory
Array of pointers to pagetables.
page_table_t *tables[1024];
Array of pointers to the pagetables above, but gives their *physical*
location, for loading into the CR3 register.
uint32_t tablesPhysical[1024];
The physical address of tablesPhysical. This comes into play
when we get our kernel heap allocated and the directory
may be in a different location in virtual memory.
uint32_t physicalAddr;
} page_directory_t;
Sets up the environment, page directories etc and
enables paging.
void initialise_paging();
Causes the specified page directory to be loaded into the
CR3 register.
void switch_page_directory(page_directory_t* dir);
page_directory_t* clone_directory(page_directory_t* src);
Retrieves a pointer to the page required.
If make == 1, if the page-table in which this page should
reside isn't created, create it!
page_t *get_page(uint32_t address, int make, page_directory_t *dir);
void start_pmm(multiboot_info_t* bootinfo);
void init_region(uint32_t base, uint32_t size);
void deinit_region(uint32_t base, uint32_t size);
uint32_t getTotalFrames();
int alloc_frame(page_t *page, int is_kernel, int is_writeable);
void free_frame(page_t *page);
typedef struct
uint32_t gs;
uint32_t fs;
uint32_t es;
uint32_t ds;
uint32_t eax;
uint32_t ebx;
uint32_t ecx;
uint32_t edx;
uint32_t esi;
uint32_t edi;
uint32_t esp;
uint32_t ebp;
uint32_t eip;
uint32_t cs;
uint32_t flags;
} stack_frame, stack_frame_t;
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