Invalid characters produce uncaught exceptions #13

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CodaFi commented Dec 28, 2012

When an active SSKeychain attempts a write to the sec API with credentials containing characters that are non-traditional (not letters or integers), the sec API will throw a muted exception (I say that because it is undetectable without a breakpoint on lines 222 and 234), which can also be caught with a breakpoint on all exceptions. The problem, being, that in setting said breakpoint on all exceptions, the exception will cause the program currently being debugged to exit through main().

The credential server on OS X obviously has a problem with usernames for services such as email, and as such, SSKeychain should default to the more appropriate SecKeychainAdd/FindInternetPassword methods for these types of credentials in order to avoid this exception.

Any updates on this issue please?

soffes added the bug label Mar 11, 2016

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