Simple clock screensaver written in Swift
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Just a little Mac screensaver inspired by the Braun watches. You pick a model and style. Here’s a screenshot:



Download the latest release. Unzip and double-click.


Don’t forget to check out “Screen Saver Options…” in System Preferences. You can change the model and style to your liking.


Xcode 7b3 is required since Clock.saver is written in Swift 2.

Watch Faces

The following models are implemented:

  • BN0021 Range
    • BN0021BKBKG: Black
    • BN0021WHBRG: Brown
  • BN0032 Range
    • BN0032WHBKG: White
    • BN0032BKBKG: Black
  • BN0111 Sports Range
    • BN0111WHBLG: Blue
    • BN0111BKORG: Orange
    • BN0111WHGYG: Grey
    • BN0111BKBKG: Black
    • BN0111BKLGYG: Light grey

Eventually, I'd love to have them all implemented. Here's my progress.