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No keychain item being created in Snow Leopard #3

ay8s opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Being trying to debug an issue in Snow Leopard where no entries get created in the keychain. I receive no errors from SSKeychain but don't see anything listed in Keychain Access. The same code is working perfectly fine on Lion and many other machines I have sent the app out to.

Are there any known issues with SSKeychain under Snow Leopard or anyone know why it might not be working without firing up an error?

Apart from that, love SSKeychain it has made working with the Keychain much easier!



Sorry for the long delay. I've been meaning to create some unit tests for SSKeychain. Once I get that done, I'll have to find a machine with Snow Leopard on it (or if you'd like to help :)

Sorry I don't have a better solution for you right now.


No worries. I can help you out debugging Snow Leopard, got a partition with Snow Leopard installed. No worries, got the app on the Mac App Store but would like to have Snow Leopard support soon.


Oh nice. Ya, I'd love any help you can provide. Swamped until the iOS 5 launch with stuff at my day job.


Now that I have tests going, can you try running them on SL?


I'll give it a go as soon as possible and let you know.

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