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View left expanded if pullToRefreshViewShouldStartLoading returns NO #8

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anecdotesoftware Sam Soffes

You need to change the end of the observeValueForKeyPath body so that expanded isn't always passed true, e.g.

BOOL expand = YES;
// Ask the delegate if it's cool to start loading
if ([_delegate respondsToSelector:@selector(pullToRefreshViewShouldStartLoading:)]) {
    if (![_delegate pullToRefreshViewShouldStartLoading:self]) {
        // Animate back to normal since the delegate said no
        newState = SSPullToRefreshViewStateNormal;
                    expand = NO;

// Animate to the new state
[self _setState:newState animated:YES expanded:expand completion:nil];
Sam Soffes soffes closed this issue from a commit
Sam Soffes Don't stay expanded if it doesn't start loading. Fixes #8
If the delegate returns no from `pullToRefreshViewShouldStartLoading:`, don't expand the view.
Sam Soffes soffes closed this in 42d4d63
Sam Soffes
soffes commented

Good call. Thanks!

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