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Sofia4Cities (powered by onesait Platform) is the Internet-of-Everything platform with which minsait has attended the Select4Cities contest. Sofia4Cities is one of the 3 platforms that have reached the final stage:

During phase 2 of the project, the platform code was hosted in the Github repository where its last stable branch is 5.2.0: tree / 5.2.0

In phase 3 the platform has continued to evolve, and it has been decided to host the code in the Github repository of the parent platform onesait Platform in order to find synergies between both communities and that the efforts of both projects come together. You can access the project repository in the repo sof sofia4cities

You can also access the CloudLab environment of the Sofia4Cities platform in one of these URLs: CloudLab for Antwerp city:

CloudLab for Helsinki city:

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