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import argparse
import time
from wiringx86 import GPIOEdison as GPIO
from TwitterAPI import TwitterAPI, TwitterOAuth, TwitterRestPager
gpio = GPIO(debug=False)
pin1 = 3
pin2 = 4
pin3 = 5
pin4 = 6
COUNT = 100 # search download batch size
def setup():
print 'Setting up pin %d' % pin1
gpio.pinMode(pin1, gpio.OUTPUT)
print 'Setting up pin %d' % pin2
gpio.pinMode(pin2, gpio.OUTPUT)
print 'Setting up pin %d' % pin3
gpio.pinMode(pin3, gpio.OUTPUT)
print 'Setting up pin %d' % pin4
gpio.pinMode(pin4, gpio.OUTPUT)
def puter():
print "muter"
for i in range(10):
gpio.digitalWrite(pin4, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin2, gpio.HIGH)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin1, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin3, gpio.HIGH)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin2, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin4, gpio.HIGH)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin3, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin1, gpio.HIGH)
def count_old_tweets(api, word_list):
words = ' OR '.join(word_list)
count = 0
while True:
pager = TwitterRestPager(api, 'search/tweets', {'q':words, 'coun
for item in pager.get_iterator():
if 'text' in item:
count += 1
elif 'message' in item:
if item['code'] == 131:
continue # ignore internal server error
elif item['code'] == 88:
print('Suspend search until %s' % search
raise Exception('Message from twitter: %s' % ite
def count_new_tweets(api, word_list):
words = ','.join(word_list)
count = 0
total_skip = 0
while True:
skip = 0
r = api.request('statuses/filter', {'track':words})
while True:
for item in r.get_iterator():
if 'text' in item:
count += 1
print(count + skip + total_skip)
elif 'limit' in item:
skip = item['limit'].get('track'
#print('\n\n\n*** Skipping %d tw
elif 'disconnect' in item:
raise Exception('Disconnect: %s'
except Exception as e:
print('*** MUST RECONNECT %s' % e)
total_skip += skip
if __name__ == '__main__':
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Count occurance of word(s)
parser.add_argument('-past', action='store_true', help='search historic
parser.add_argument('-oauth', metavar='FILENAME', type=str, help='read O
parser.add_argument('words', metavar='W', type=str, nargs='+', help='wor
args = parser.parse_args()
oauth = TwitterOAuth.read_file(args.oauth)
api = TwitterAPI(oauth.consumer_key, oauth.consumer_secret, oauth.access
if args.past:
count_old_tweets(api, args.words)
count_new_tweets(api, args.words)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
print('\nTerminated by user\n')
gpio.digitalWrite(pin1, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin2, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin3, gpio.LOW)
gpio.digitalWrite(pin4, gpio.LOW)
# Do a general cleanup. Calling this function is not mandatory.
except Exception as e:
print('*** STOPPED %s\n' % e)