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This repository contains the supporting material for selected talks related to the Software Engineering for Economists Initiative. Usually the talks contain selected and updated material from the lectures in the Course or Bootcamp repository. A short description and slides are provided below, supporting material is available here.


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Introduction to Structural Econometrics

We discuss the potential as well as limits of pursuing a structural approach to answer important economic questions. Together we walk through a canonical dynamic behavioral model of human capital investment. At each step of the formalization we discuss the implied economic restrictions and explore possible alternatives.

Introduction to Structural Estimation

We provide a brief introduction to the classical and simulation-based estimation approaches for the estimation of structural economic models. We also conduct a practical estimation exercise.

Introduction to Software Engineering

We discuss basic techniques of software engineering that allow economists to leverage tools from computational science, increase the transparency of our implementations, and ensure the recomputability of results. This expands the set of possible economic questions that we can address and improve the quality of our answers.

Python for Scientific Computing in Economics

I provide a brief introduction to different aspects of the Python ecosystem that are of interest to economists.