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This is a plugin for PS3 Media Server to support, a cloud streaming service.
You can view a demo here:
This plugin uses the official Java library (, which is licensed under GPL.
INSTALL (Binary)
Download the jar file (which includes all dependencies) from Download section, put it under plugins/ directory of PS3 Media Server (PMS).
Note that only the latest beta/dev version of PMS supports "AdditionalFolderAtRoot" plugins.
For Mac OS X users, you need to open the .app bundle, put the file there, AND add a line: "<string>$JAVAROOT/plugins/audiobox.jar</string>" right after the line: "<string>$JAVAROOT/PMS.jar</string>" in Info.plist. This is a limitation of OS X's Java stub launcher.
On first launch, go to the Plugin System settings of PMS, click the "" button, enter your credentials, SAVE, and optionally restart PMS (as PMS only initialize plugin once during startup).
Just run "ant" (you may need to edit build.xml to point to the correct location of PMS.jar)
Optionally, you could build a newer version of and put the jar into lib/ (Note that you should either build without HTTPS support, or configure your Java key store to accept the CA of
The plugin passes raw stream to MPlayer for transcoding, for some reason some files hosted on won't play back after transcoding. (Probably a configuration issue in PMS's MPlayer encoder)
Have fun!
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