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Hermes-Lite 1.x Deprecated Project!!!

This project is deprecated. Current development is now focussed on the Hermes-Lite 2.x. See the main Hermes-Lite Web Page for the latest links and details.

Hermes-Lite 1.x Wiki

This wiki is for community documentation of the Hermes-Lite 1.x.

Community Projects

The Community Projects page links to other Hermes-Lite 1.x related work.


The Hardware page describes how to procure parts and build your own Hermes-Lite.

Hardware Measurements

Version 2.0 Architecture

Revision Notes


The Firmware page describes how to install and use Quartus to compile the Hermes-Lite RTL as well as program the Hermes-Lite.


The Software page describes how to test and use the Hermes-Lite with existing Windows, Linux and Android software.

Software Development and Protocol Coverage