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Hermes-Lite2 Releases

The Hermes-Lite 2 is an entirely open source and open hardware project. This includes not only the source files, but the tools used to design the Hermes-Lite as well as all production files. Full releases are found on github. Because this project is entirely open source and open hardware, there are several ways to realize a Hermes-Lite 2. A goal of this project is to explore and pursue new and inexpensive ways to have open hardware manufactured in small batches.

Do not be concerned if a release name includes the word beta. The Hermes-Lite 2.0 has been released starting with beta2 at the end of 2016. All beta versions will be supported in the future. The term beta is used for a functioning unit, similar to what is described here.

Group Buys

From time to time, I will organize group buys. We will establish a small insurance pool to help cover costs of any defective boards. If you are interested in adding your name to the list for future Hermes-Lite 2 group buys, please send e-mail to hermeslite (at) Requests are honored in the order received, and you will be contacted with an opportunity to buy when your name comes up.

If you can find at least 4 other people who would like a Hermes-Lite 2 PCB or assembled Hermes-Lite 2, you can organize your own group buy. Please check or post to the Hermes-Lite Google Group if you desire to organize a group buy. For self-organized group buys, the group buy policies are as defined by the organizer.

Printed Circuit Boards Only

The release directories include a .zip file ready to be submitted to a PCB fabrication house. Most Hermes-Lite PCB fabrication runs have used All the files in the .zip package are named according to requirements. A small batch of 10 Hermes-Lite 2 PCBs from typically costs $50. Shipping is another $15 to $30. This works out to a cost of about $7 per board. Other budget PCB fabrication services may be found at PCB shopper.

The release directories also contain the files bom.standard.pdf and hermeslite.pdf. These are the BOM and schematic files used to assemble a Hermes-Lite 2. Although it is a challenging build with many surface mount components, others have built the Hermes-Lite 2 by hand. As seen from the BOM, parts cost will range from $160 to $190 dollars. Please refer to the build notes on the wiki for guidance with your build. You may have to refer to build notes from past releases to find all the required information.

Assembled Units

The release directories also include a .zip file ready to be submitted to an assembly house for full turnkey production. See the README.txt file in the release directories. In particular, see the beta3 release for more details. Again, has been the assembly house of choice. For a volume of 5 units, each Hermes-Lite 2 costs about $165. This includes PCB, all parts, assembly and shipping.

Crowd Funding

Once the Hermes-Lite 2 is more mature, there may be a crowd supply campaign which is essentially a large group buy with more customer service and protection.


Since the Hermes-Lite 2 is entirely open source and open hardware, we hope that a hobby vendor such as or will find it worthwhile to manufacture and sell Hermes-Lite 2 transceivers directly to customers. We are working with towards this end.

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