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R Training
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1.1 R Basics/de-DE
1.2 R Matrix/de-DE
1.3 R Data Frames/de-DE
1.4 R Lists/de-DE
1.5 R Data IO/de-DE
1.6 R Programming/de-DE
2.10 R Performance/de-DE
2.7 R Advanced Programming/de-DE
2.8 R Data Manipulations/de-DE
2.9 R Data Visualisation/de-DE
3.11 R Confidence-Tests/de-DE
3.12 R Regression-Tests/de-DE
3.13 R Survival Tests/de-DE
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Training "R Basics. R for data science, visualization, statistics with user-specific topics"


The aim of this three-day training is to provide both beginners who come into contact with the R programming language for the first time and experienced developers who are looking for their portfolio of skills in the direction of programming language R, Data Sciene, statistics and data analysis. want to expand. The training will learn how to program with R, create meaningful visualizations and analyze and process real data using statistical methods. All training sessions have an active hands-on character, where theory and practice are mixed equally.

Credits: Demo-Projects are based on R DataScince MachineLearning Repo from Datamics

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