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Eventloop module is the foundation of other modules that run their code inside event loops and threads. Useful for building client-server applications with high performance requirements.

Eventloop represents infinite loop with only one blocking operation which selects a set of keys which corresponding channels are ready for I/O operations. With these keys and queues with tasks which were added to Eventloop from the outside, it begins asynchronous executing from one thread in the method run() which is overridden since Eventloop is an implementation of Runnable.

Execution of an eventloop will be ended when it has not selected keys and its queues with tasks are empty.

  • Eventloop utilizes Java's NIO to allow asynchronous computations and I/O operations (TCP, UDP).
  • Eliminates traditional bottleneck of I/O for further business logic processing.
  • Can run multiple event loop threads on available cores.
  • Minimal GC pressure: arrays and byte buffers are reused.
  • Eventloop can schedule/delay certain tasks for later execution or background execution.
  • Because Eventloop is single-threaded it doesn't have to deal with concurrency overhead.

You can create different Eventloop modifications, utilizing builtin creators:

  • withThreadName(String threadName)
  • withThreadPriority(int threadPriority)
  • withInspector(@Nullable EventloopInspector inspector)
  • withFatalErrorHandler(FatalErrorHandler fatalErrorHandler)
  • withSelectorProvider(SelectorProvider selectorProvider)
  • withIdleInterval(Duration idleInterval)
  • withCurrentThread()
  • withoutStats()

You can explore Eventloop examples here