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<p>This document describes the changes made to the ERTS application.</p>
+ <section><title>Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions</title>
+ <list>
+ <item>
+ <p>
+ On Linux systems using heart (erl -heart) and a
+ HEAR_BEAT_TIMEOUT less than default, heart could fire
+ even though Erlang was running fine after approx 298 to
+ 497 days (depending on kernel config). This was due to
+ the behaviour of the times(2) system call. Usage of
+ times(2) is now replaced with clock_gettime(2) and the
+ CLOCK_MONOTONIC clock, resulting in a more stable
+ solution. The Erlang VM itself has used clock_gettime(2)
+ on linux since before R12B, so this only affects the
+ heart program.</p>
+ <p>
+ Own Id: OTP-10111 Aux Id: seq12075 </p>
+ </item>
+ </list>
+ </section>
<section><title>Fixed Bugs and Malfunctions</title>

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