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-SoftLayer's object storage backup script. Works like rsync, but with our object storage service!
+SoftLayer's object storage backup script.
This script is indended to be used purely as a backup operation!
It will not make you run faster or jump higher. It might save you from a really
bad day though.
+How it works
+By default, the script uses time and size comparison based on the files mtime and upload time. The
+entire file is transfered if either the size or the time differs. If retention is enabled, the original file
+is copied into a seperate container with the md5 sum inserted into the name before the changed file is uploaded.
-* Rsync-like delta backups - only changed/new files are uploaded saving you time/bandwidth.
+* Whole file delta backups - only changed/new files are uploaded saving you time/bandwidth.
* Retention policies - deleted/updated files are kept for any desired length of time. These can also be disabled.
* Threaded - Copying can always be the longest part, so backups are done in the background as
file comparisions are being performed.
@@ -28,7 +37,8 @@ Usage
5. run ```nano ~/.slbackup``` and put your credentials in there
6. run with the desired options.
-I also [blogged about it](
+I also [blogged about it] (
+with a bit more verbosity.
Known issues/limitations
@@ -41,5 +51,5 @@ using Manifest files, but this script does not currently deal with this properly
object fragments during file comparision. Uploading and making the manifests is easy.
* Windows Support: Tried to write the script in a way that supported windows. However, it is not tested yet.
* Restoration: Restoring files is an operation left to the admin right now.
-[FUSE is handy]( for that kine of work.
+[FUSE is handy]( for that kind of work.

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