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Move upload methods to softlayer-object-storage-python #20

benmccann opened this Issue · 2 comments

2 participants


It's impossible to use softlayer-object-storage-python without copying, pasting, and altering a bunch of code from this project. It would be great to move chunk_upload to softlayer-object-storage-python in order to make that project more usable.


Besides chunk_upload and creating of manifest files what other functions/features do you feel are missing from softlayer-object-storage-python that are in softlayer-object-storage-backup ? I'll be more than happy to port them over.


Awesome. That was the main one. It calls some others that would have to be moved as well such as asblocks. I think also that swifthash might make more sense in the client library as I could see other users of it wanting that method as well.

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