Samples for XamSvg Xamarin Component
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Samples for XamSvg

This repository holds the samples with their complete source code for the XamSvg Xamarin component. The samples are licensed under the MIT licence. Some of the svg files are licensed under their owner's license.

At the root of the repo, you'll find MvvmCross extensions to easily use XamSvg with mvvmcross.

The ios demo app has been compiled and uploaded to a live ios simulator, thanks to Check it here:

Animated SVG

The xamarin Forms projects contain a code demonstrating an animated svg ring. This code works on all platform: android, ios, windows universal and windows phone, and does not depend on custom renderer, it is fully contained in the PCL Forms project.

Have a look at the RingProgress control here:


The XamSvg Xamarin native component can be found there:

The XamSvg for Xamarin.Forms component can be found there:

MvvmCross samples:

Xamarin samples: