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Mixpanel bindings for Xamarin

iOS v2.9.1 (armv7, arm64) Android 4.7

#Status iOS: working OK on device only. It seems it requires the ALT key not the Option key though.
Android: OK.


To connect to the webinterface, open the webinterface in a browser, then on the device press 4 fingers for 5 seconds, or in the simulator press the option (or alt?) key + click and hold both key and clic in the simulator for 5 seconds. The app's window should be rendered in the webinterface.

#Important On iOS: you need to have a non null Window property in your AppDelegate file. Otherwise Mixpanel throws an exception.

public class AppDelegate : MvxApplicationDelegate
    UIWindow window;

    /// <summary>
    /// Required for MixPanel
    /// </summary>
    public override UIWindow Window { get { return window; }}

    public override bool FinishedLaunching(UIApplication app, NSDictionary options)
        //Setup main window
        window = new UIWindow(UIScreen.MainScreen.Bounds);



        return false;

Build android:

Using VS in release mode

  1. Download latest .aar file for mixpanel

  2. Replace it in the Jars folder. Make sure build action is LibraryProjectZip.

  3. Build in release mode

Build iOS (new):

On a mac, install objective sharpie from

Open a command line in the mixpanel-xamarin folder. Make sure cocoapod is installed:

sudo gem install cocoapods

Find which sdk is installed on the mac:

sharpie xcode -sdks

Create a new binding project with the correct sdk identifier:

sharpie pod init iphoneos9.1 Mixpanel
(things happens)
sharpie pod bind iphoneos9.1 Mixpanel
(project is build, .a and .cs files are generated)

Rebuild in release mode the libMixpanel.a file with support for ios 8.0:

xcodebuild build -project Pods/Pods.xcodeproj -scheme Mixpanel -configuration release VALID_ARCHS='arm64 armv7' ARCHS='arm64 armv7' IPHONEOS_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=8.0
(project is build, .a file is generated)

It generates two .cs files (ApiDefinitions.cs and StructsAndEnums.cs), and the .a file containing the target architectures. The following command displays the architectures contained in the .a file.

cd ~/Library/Caches/Xamarin
lipo -info build/Release-iphoneos/libMixpanel.a

Open the solution in Xamarin Studio Mac, override the existing libMixpanel.a with the new one, compare/override the content of the .cs files, then build in release mode. The output is the DLL in the project's Release folder.

Create the nuget

Compile in release mode both libs using the help above. Make sure the DLL from the release folder of Android and iOS are up to date.

Open pack.bat, and update the version number. Open Vapolia.Mixpanel.nuspec then add release notes for this version. Then on an elevated command prompt: