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The curses library provides terminal-independent, portable manipuation of character screens. This library provides a native-call wrapper around the system ncurses library.


use Term::Curses;

my $win =;
$win.x = 10;
$win.y = $win.maxy / 2;
$win.addstr("Hello, world!");
$win.DESTROY();  # RAKUDO Required, not called automatically


Most important TODO item is to not hard-code the curses library name, so it can be used on systems other than OS X. This may require changes to the NativeCall module, or there may be some way to do it in this code.

The next most important item is to create decent tests that can be run without user interaction.

Then, other items:

  • Handle UTF-8 input; currently it comes in one-key-per-octet
  • Expose much more of the library API
  • Port example programs from other curses libs
  • More docs
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