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Pod::To::Markdown (Perl6)

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Using zef (preferred)

$ zef update
$ zef install Pod::To::Markdown

Using panda:

$ panda update
$ panda install Pod::To::Markdown


Pod::To::Markdown - Render Pod as Markdown


From command line:

$ perl6 --doc=Markdown lib/to/

From Perl6:

use Pod::To::Markdown;


=SYNOPSIS <options> files ...

say pod2markdown($=pod);

To render without fenced codeblocks ```, as some markdown engines don't support this, use the :no-fenced-codeblocks option. If you want to have code show up as ```perl6 to enable syntax highlighting on certain markdown renderers, use: =begin code :lang<perl6>


class Pod::To::Markdown;
sub pod2markdown; # See below


sub pod2markdown

sub pod2markdown(
    Pod::Heading $pod,
    Bool :$no-fenced-codeblocks
) returns Mu

Render Pod as Markdown