MInecraft server with multi-thread computing.
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softpak Spigot 1251. Add parallel mode for entity tick.
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A flexible tube conveying data.

Minecraft Server with Multi-core CPU.

Software & Hardware Requirements

Software :

  • OS : Anything that can run JDK or other JVM.
  • JVM : Oricale JDK 1.8.

Hardware :

  • CPU : Any muilti-core CPUs.

Test Server

  • IP address : (static)
  • Version : 1.11.2
  • Rule : `DO NOT interfere other players. Otherwise, you can find a wild open space to do things you like to test this server except red stone clock devices. Most of players are Taiwanese. If you are getting lag. You can try /gc command to check the ticks. Maybe your FPS is too low . You are welcome to leave any messages.`

How to build this patch

  • Linux
    1. Build Spigot using BuildTools.jar.
    2. Import the project in Netbeans or Eclipse.
    3. Patch src.patch with "patch -p1 < ../src.patch" command in src folder.
    4. Then build the project in your IDE tools.
    5. The jar file can be found in target folder like "spigot-1.X.X-R0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar".
    6. Enjoy the new server with multi-core CPU.


  • No issues for now.