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Simple local storage for all of those half baked ideas.

jot, drop and roll.


Add the following to your plugin definition

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "jot" % "0.1.0")

And if you haven't added it already, add the community sbt resolver

resolvers += Resolver.url("sbt-plugin-releases",

And add following in your build definition


Install globally

This is usually preferable, as it is less intrusive

Append ~/.sbt/plugins/build.sbt with

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "jot" % "0.1.0")

In any .sbt file under ~/.sbt, say ~/.sbt/jot.sbt for instance, append



Jot stores data in a .jot file in your project's root

What to keep your jots to yourself? That's cool. Just add .jot to your .gitignore file.

Below is a list of available settings

jot                                                     # Appends an item to your jot file
clean(for jot)        or (clean in (SomeConfig, jot))   # Removes an item from your jot file
jot-drop              or (drop in SomeConfig))          # Drops a target item from your jot file
jot-cat               or (cat in (SomeConfig))          # Lists your jottings
jot-file              or (jotFile in (SomeConfig))      # File containing jottings
target(for jot)       or (target in (SomeConfig, jot))  # Directory containing generated jot file
colors(for jot)       or (colors in (SomeConfig, jot))  # Toggles ansii colored output

Doug Tangren (softprops) 2011-12

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