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Park Bench

An elderly man sitting on a park bench watching your code execute, then telling you about it over chess stategy pointers and life stories.


Inline Benches

scala> new park.Bench() {
  def run = Thread.sleep(1000)
  override def subject = "sleeping beauty"
} watch(1, 1)

                    cpu         user          system        real
sleeping beauty     0.000634    0.000133    0.000087    1.000265

Benches as objects

case class Book(name: String, pages: Int)

class BookShelf { def read(book: Book) = Thread.sleep(1000 * book.pages) }

object BookShelfBench extends BookShelf with park.Bench {
  def run = read(Book("a tale of 2 pages", 2))
  override def subject = "reading books from the shelf"
}, 1)
                                    cpu         user          system        real
reading books from the shelf        0.000672    0.000614    0.000083    2.000975

// with 2 iterations of `run`, 1)
                                    cpu         user          system        real
reading books from the shelf        0.000261    0.000182    0.000124    4.000479

// with 2 observations of 2 iterations of `run`, 2)
                                    cpu         user          system        real
reading books from the shelf        0.000228    0.000156    0.000101    4.000368
reading books from the shelf        0.000208    0.000164    0.000083    4.000519

Or how about running this as a main appliction





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2010-2011 Doug Tangren (softprops)

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