A `Tornado Whirlwind Kick` scala client for the riak `raw` http interface
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A Tornado Whirlwind Kick scala client for the riak raw http interface


  • is a distributed json document db
  • documents are stored in buckets
  • documents can be linked to other documents
  • queries come in 2 flavors
    • link walking
    • map/reduce


  • is awesome


quick example

import ryu._

val db = Ryu("localhost", 8098)

// store fighters
db(^('fighters, "Ken"), """{"fighting-style":"Shotokan"}""")
db(^('fighters, "Ryu"), """{"fighting-style":"Shotokan"}""")
db(^('fighters, "Chun-Li"), """{"fighting-style":"Chūgoku Kenpō"}""")

// now round up the fighters!
val (props, headers) = db(`fighters)

baby steps

documents have meta info which ryu uses as keys to access documents

val meta = ^('bucket, "key", Some("vclock"), Some(
  Seq(Link('bucket, Some("otherkey"), "linkTag"))
), "application/json")

Did I just misspell 'clock'?

No. vclocks function similarly to the http vtag header in that they represent versions of documents. Riak uses these to avoid collisions.

a bucket is a container for yer data

a key is the key by which you refer to your value silly

a vclock is a unique hash of your document version

links are a navigation utility used for traversing to other documents (think html anchors)

content type is the type hint given to riak to store and retrive data

documents have data (expected flavor is jsón)

more operations

import ryu._

// ref riak
val db = Ryu("localhost", 8098)

// ref a key for sagat
val sagat = ^('fighters, "sagat")

// create a link to sagat 
val sagatLink = sagat asLink("boss")

// ref a key for dan
val dan = ^('fighters, "dan") + sagatLink

// save or update sagat
db(sagat, """{"hp":10}""")

// save or update dan
db(dan, """{"hp":100}""")

// get dan

// dan walks over to Sagat
db > (dan, sagatLink.queryVal(true))

// submit map reduce job to find all fighter hp's
db mapred(
  Query(Seq(("fighters", None, None)), Seq(
      Mapper named("Riak.mapValuesJson") keep(false),
      Reducer source("function(values){ var hps = []; values.forEach(function(v){ hps.push(v['hp']); }); return hps; }"),

// delete (defeat) Sagat
db - sagat

// validate m/r query
Query(Seq(("fighters", None, None)), Seq(
    Linker tag("dan")
)).validate // IllegalArgumentException (must contain a Mapper or Reducer)

A Ryu that doesn't have to block to win

Ryu also comes with an asynchronous interface for most ryu methods that accepts a callback for the response object.

// ! is for asynchonisity!
val db = Ryu("localhost", 8098) ! 

db(^('fighters, "ken"), "punch later") { ken => 
// > kick
// > punch later

The asynchronous interfaces are curry flavored so you can bind the request to be handled later

val db = Ryu("localhost", 8098) !

val curriedPunch = db(^('fighters, "ken"), "punch later")_

println("kick, kick, punch, kick")

// time to fight back!
curriedPunch { ken =>


  • riak dependencies

    • install erlang
    • download and install riak 0.9.1 or later
  • ryu

    • TODO mvn repo

fork or knife ryu to fight back

contribute git://github.com/softprops/ryu.git


  • provide a persisent k-v api with an interface akin to a Map
  • follow dispatch idioms


  • all methods return Option values db(^('fighters, "dan")).getOrElse(default)
  • extract Link objects when fetching documents
  • support multiple/arbitrary content types
  • document storage without a provided key
  • module for json <-> string conversions
  • use keep-alive for multi stage processing
  • finalize api


You got issues with ryu? Take them up directly with him here.


riakka is another high kicking scala client for riaks jiak interface (Ryu bows to those that came before)

riak rest api

walking the link

riak map/reduce cartography

riak map/reduce video

2010 Doug Tangren (softprops)