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Growling Tests

An sbt 0.12.* plugin that growls/notifies test results.


On Mac

Install the growl extra growlnotify commandline client, make sure it's in your path and you have growl turned on.

On Ubuntu

Install the libnotify-bin package.

sudo apt-get install libnotify-bin

Project Configuration

To install on a per-project basis, add the following to your plugin definition file

addSbtPlugin("me.lessis" % "sbt-growl-plugin" % "0.1.3")

resolvers += Classpaths.sbtPluginReleases

To install globally, create a Build.scala file under ~/.sbt/plugins/project directory and add the following

import sbt._
object PluginDef extends Build {
  override def projects = Seq(root)
  lazy val root = Project("plugins", file(".")) dependsOn(growl)
  lazy val growl = uri("git://")

Run your tests with the sbt test task and you'll see the magikz.

Configuring Icons

By default the growl plugin looks for icons in ~/.sbt/growl/icons/. Specifically, it looks for:

  • pass.png - used when tests pass
  • fail.png - used when tests fail
  • error.png - used for catastrophic failures

If an icon is not found for Growl, the plugin extracts a Scala logo and places it in ~/.sbt/growl/icons/scala-logo.png to use for notifications.

The directory in which Growl looks for icons can be configured by adding this to your build.sbt file:

defaultImagePath in Growl := "/my/better/path"

You can configure images individually by reconfiguring the GrowlTestImages class. e.g.

(GrowlKeys.images in GrowlKeys.Growl) <<= (GrowlKeys.images in GrowlKeys.Growl)(i => i.copy(fail = Some("/better/fail/icon.png")))


  • support like notifiers on other OS's

2010-2012 Doug Tangren (softprops) + Josh Suereth (jsuereth)

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