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My simple answer to python -m SimpleHTTPServer using unfiltered


Create a conscript

cs softprops/unplanned

This will create an executable called up in ~/usr/bin

or you can go old school and create a self contained executable by hand

git clone git:// && cd unplanned
sbt update assembly
cp target/scala_2.8.1/unplanned.jar path/to/somewhere/in/$PATH
# put it in a shell script
echo 'java -Xmx512M -jar `dirname $0`/unplanned.jar "$@"' > path/to/somewhere/in/$PATH/up


serve anything from anywhere

cd path/to/anywhere/

This will start an http server serving static content from your current directory* on{the_next_available_port}

cd path/to/anywhere/
up -p 1234

This will start an http server the same as above but with an explicit port 1234

  • The directory must be writable. The unplanned server writes an empty temp file in the current working directory called .here for context

doug tangren (softprops) 2011

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