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AR reconstruction of Tustan wooden castle
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Tustan AR

Tustan AR

Tustan AR is Augmented Reality App. It takes back wooden castle existed in IX-XVI centuries. You can reconstruct outdoor landmark of Your choose with the source.

How we made it: Article

Links: Play Market, App Store


Tustan AR Demo @ WARP 1 Event @ UCU

warp tustan sxsw cut1


App tested on

  • Unity 5.6.0f3 and higher;
  • Vuforia 6.2.10+;
  • Android Build Tools 23+ (latest may have not been supported)

Operational Systems

  • Windows 10 x64;
  • Mac OS X Sierra and higher;


  • Android Studio 2.3+;
  • Xcode 9+.

Minimal software requirements

  • iOS 10+;
  • Android 4.4+ (Unity may not support latest Android versions).


Main scene is Scenes/Scene.

Enable Vuforia

If you have Unity 2017.2 or later, you must have Vuforia component installed (if you haven't installed it, get it here).

  1. Go to GameObject -> Vuforia -> ARCamera menu, accept installing Vuforia components. After that delete newly created ARCamera gameobject from scene.
  2. Go to Resources/VuforiaConfiguration in Project hierarchy and set checkboxes Load TustanARStableTargets Database and Activate on.

For previous Unity versions you must download Vuforia manually from Vuforia website and activate TustanARStableTargets Database.

Now you can build and run the project!

Two big stones on the top of hill.

(By the way, you can test the app, pointing phone camera to the image above. :))

Enable iOS plugin

This is a hack which enables native behavior on iOS platform. Fix is impossible due to Objective-C language features.

Unity 2017.2+:

  1. Go to Applications/Unity/PlaybackEngines/VuforiaSupport/iOS folder.
  2. Copy file to other folder on your drive.
  3. Сomment last line in the file (add to slashes in the beginning of IMPL_APP_CONTROLLER_SUBCLASS(VuforiaNativeRendererController))
  4. Save file and replace old file in VuforiaSupport/iOS with modified.
  5. You're done!

Legacy Unity versions:

  1. Go to Assets/Plugins/iOS/ folder in your project.
  2. Сomment last line in the file to slashes in the beginning of IMPL_APP_CONTROLLER_SUBCLASS(VuforiaNativeRendererController))
  3. You're done!

Rebuild Android plugin

If you want to rebuild Android plugin (/plugin folder in repository root), you must find classes.jar file, provided with Unity (how to find), and copy that file to the Android project.

Texture quality

Unity lightmaps has different formats in different versions. Current textures are baked with Unity 2017.2.0f3. You may want to rebake them. How to bake?

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