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Goovy/Grails lightweight Apache Nutch alternative
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GnutchGrailsPlugin.groovy v0.2.3.2 drafted Mar 21, 2015 grails version chagned to 2.4.4 Feb 26, 2015

Very simple alternative to "Apache Nutch": created in Grails

Crawled data could be stored to files, saved to database or even indexed with Apache Solr. Use "Apache Camel": as integration framework and "Apache ActiveMQ": as source messaging and integration patterns server.


Depends on :routing:1.2.4 or higher

    add these two lines into your BuildConfig.groovy

    plugins {

    // ....

    build ":routing:1.2.4" // you may use higher version
    build ":gnutch:"

    // ....


After plugin installation your application will get grails-app/routes folder created with pre-created camel routes It contains base business logic. You can modify them as you wish. Also grails-app/conf/ehcache.xml will be created with specific cache definition.

file: $GNUTCH_HOME/grails-app/conf/Config.groovy will be appended with that section:

 gnutch {
   // Define local directory which is used for receiving source-definition files.
   inputRoute = 'file:///tmp/gnutch-input'

   crawl {
     // Define fixed number of threads we use for crawling
     threads = 40

   // post processors
   // define custom post processing closure which is called for HTML pages
   // contains org.w3c.dom.Document object represending XHTML page just crawled
   postProcessorHTML = {ex ->}

   // define custom post processing closure which is called for XML document which was received after XSLT
   // contains org.w3c.dom.Document object represending XML result of XSL transformation
   postProcessorXML = {ex ->}

   http {
     // UserAgent string. Better if contain email address of person who is responsible
     // for crawling. That will allow source owners to contact person directly
     userAgent = 'GNutch crawler ( Contact:'

     // Since we use shared threadPool for HTTP connections,
     // we define these two values

     // Maximmum number of connections per host
     defaultMaxConnectionsPerHost = 40
     // Maximmum number of total connections
     maxTotalConnections = 40

   solr {
     // URL to Solr server where we send crawled data for indexing
     serverUrl = 'http://localhost:8983/solr'

   activemq {
     // URL to AMQ message broker.
     // For simple configuration it runs embedded AMQ
     // More on possible connection strings here:
     // brokerURL = 'tcp://'
     brokerURL = 'vm://localhost'

     // For more complex cases it could contain external AMQ configuration
     //conf = 'classpath:activemq.xml'
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