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TCP/IP I/Q data server for the Version 3 of sdrplay's service-based driver


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TCP/IP Server for I/Q data delivered by sdrplay RSP devices, using their driver V3 : RSP1A, RSP1B, RSP2, RSPduo (currently single tuner), RSPdx, RSPdxR2.

  • Runs on Windows and Linux,
  • Delivers 8- and 16- Bit I/Q Data,
  • Working with sdrplay driver 3.15 (Linux still 3.07).
  • Developed as a server for QIRX V3 and V4, and with reduced functionality for other apps like SDR# (Source RTL-SDR TCP) or DAB Player (commandline -RtlTcp)


V0.3.13, June 2024

  • Hardware RSP1B and RSPdxR2 tested (on Windows 10)
  • Credits: Thanks to Bernhard (DB9PP) and Alex aka DABär (in, for their tests on the hardware.

V0.3.11, May 2024

  • Working with sdrplay driver 3.15.
  • Device ranges adapted according to the new RSP1B, RSPdxR2
  • Tested on Windows 11

V0.3.10, March 2024

  • RSP band notch filters for DAB, WFM (DabNotch, RfNotch) reported back to the host.
  • Selected antenna for RSP2, RSPdx reported back to the host.

V0.3.9, June 2023

  • RSP band notch filters for DAB, WFM, AM included.

V0.3.8, June 2023

  • New commandline parameter -T x to select the antenna input on RSPdx, RSP2.
  • Automatic enabling of the AGC


  • Basic version for cooperation with other apps than QIRX, like SDR# or DAB Player
  • Uses the new commandline parameter -B 1 (basic version) or (default) -B 0 (standard version, to be used with QIRX)


  • Version for Linux
  • Builds for Linux and Windows from the same sources
  • For QIRX 4.0.8 and higher, the DAB frequency accuracy is maintained with an accuracy of 1/1000 ppm (i.e. ppb), backwards compatible.
  • Cooperates with QIRX > V3.2.1


  • Back channel protocol for clean synchronization with the host on startup and shutdown.
  • Two-stage initialization process: 1st step: identify to the calling host, 2nd step: select the device with the requested Serial Number.
  • During normal operation, more device states like Overload, LNA State or Gain are reported on the back channel.
  • Cooperates with QIRX > V3.2.1

V0.3.1, Initial Release, Basic Features

  • API compatible with RSP2_tcp
  • Frequency Correction with 1/100ppm accuracy driven by the "Calibrate" function in QIRX (DAB demodulator),
  • Back channel reports the current gain, to enable the host a calibrated frequency spectrum indication,