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AAC Audio output for the DAB+ Decoder of the QIRX SDR
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AAC Audio output for the DAB+ Decoder of the QIRX SDR (V2+)

  • Independent 64-bit Windows exe, although intended to cooperate with QIRX.
  • Written in C# (.NET framework 4.5.2), cooperating with libfaad via P/Invoke.
  • Receives raw AAC frames (with ADTS headers) and/or commands from QIRX and creates PCM16 samples for NAudio, as well as status responses returned via UDP.
  • Uses the UDP ports: 8766, 8767, 8768, 8769.
  • Uses the libfaad2 library as AAC decoder, which is built in the VisualStudio (VS2015) solution as well (see External subdirectory).
  • Important Remark: The cooperation with QIRX works ONLY with the libfaad.dll built with the sources provided here. The original libfaad2.dll is NOT able to cope with ADTS headers together with 960samples frames, which are produced by DAB+.
  • To work together with QIRX, all binaries must be contained in the qirx_audio subdirectory of the QIRX runtime. This is already prepared when downloading QIRX.
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