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Translatr is an online translation tool.

It helps in translating a text or a short paragraph into different multiple languages.

Who is this for?

There's no such free online API which fulfils the desired requirements. Google Translate API is not free and this tool fetches result from it's older API only and parses the data accordingly.


  1. It helps in translating multiple languages at once. The service translates a string one by one and then outputs the desired output once all being done.
  2. It can be used as an API for small personal needs.
  3. It stores current options in LocalStorage thereby speeding usage for later.
  4. Directly copy the JSON formatted response to your clipboard.

Note: Please don't consider it to be a full fledged API. This project is meant only for small and tedious translation purposes.


This app is developed using Open-Source technologies

A micro web-framework for python - FLASK is used for serving requests.

For the front-end part, AngularJs is used along with Materialize framework, a modern responsive framework based on Material Design.