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@j-piasecki j-piasecki released this 05 Feb 16:11
· 20 commits to main since this release

❗ Important changes

🐛 Bug fixes

  • Add checks for the same instance of handler usage across multiple GestureDetectors by @m-bert in #2694
  • Remove didMountComponentsWithRootTag on the new arch by @j-piasecki in #2687
  • Fix double start when activateAfterLongPress is used by @j-piasecki in #2628
  • Reset relevant handler when recognizer gets reset. by @j-piasecki in #2705
  • Fix inactive handlers staying at finished state by @m-bert in #2738
  • Change functions in windows module file to no-ops. by @m-bert in #2741
  • Fix handlers coming back from being cancelled by @j-piasecki in #2704
  • fix: restore ReactMethod annotation by @WoLewicki in #2722

🔢 Miscellaneous

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 2.14.0...2.15.0