Creating tasks is broken #14

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In Redmine trunk, I get this error with scrum-pm trunk:

ActionView::TemplateError (undefined method `assign_to_888' for #) on line #25 of vendor/plugins/redmine_sprints/app/views/shared/_task_view.html.erb:                                                                                                                
22:         <%= image_tag("/plugin_assets/redmine_sprints/images/user.png", :class => "middle") -%>                                         
23:         <%= User.find(task.assigned_to_id).login unless task.assigned_to_id.nil? -%>                                             
25:           <%= collection_select :issue, "assign_to_#{}", project_users, :id, :name,{ :include_blank => true, :selected => task.assigned_to_id},                                                                                                                              
26:                                 {:onChange => remote_function(:url => {:controller => :issue_sprints,                                   
27:                                                         :action => "update_task", :project_id => @project, :task_id =>,         
28:                                                         :field => "assigned_to_id", :model => "User"},                                  

    vendor/plugins/redmine_sprints/app/controllers/issue_sprints_controller.rb:53:in `new'
    vendor/plugins/redmine_sprints/app/controllers/issue_sprints_controller.rb:52:in `new'

Rendering rescues/layout (internal_server_error)

Indeed, I don't think Issue will respond to 'assign_to_xxx'...

Anyway, congratulations for your awesome plugin!

I should add that I'm trying to create the task through the Dashboard and that the task is indeed created, but I need to refresh the Dashboard to be able to view it.


software-project commented Mar 23, 2010

Bug fixed with latest commit. Thanks for info. Take care.

Wow, you are fast! Thanks!

This issue was closed.

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