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Click here to read our paper in ICSME'17.


Before running BuildMeteo.rb, you should:

  1. If you wish to estimate the build duration for VTK, run git clone; otherwise, for GLib, run git clone
  2. Download MAKAO
  3. Move build_files.txt from ./files_* to their corresponding source repository
  4. Create a new directory build_dir in the source repository
  5. Change directory to build_dir and run cmake .. to configure the source repository
  6. Run $MAKAO/parsing/bin/ all 2&> trace.txt and $MAKAO/parsing/bin/ -in trace.txt -out trace.gdf -format gdf
  7. In BuildMeteo.rb, change both SRCE_DIR to the directory of the project you desire to test upon.

Once you finish running BuildMeteo.rb, there will be 2 csv file outputs, including:

  1. commit_predict.csv - predicted build duration for each commit
  2. real_time.csv - real build duration for each commit