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Favicon Software Craft Website

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The website powering, a website for people to find their local Software Craft communities.

Feel free to fork this repository and add your local community to it.

⚙️ Setup

The website uses rollup to bundle the client-side JS and some hand-written preprocessing in order to merge and lint the communities/*.json files. The app is integrated via Travis and deployed to

It is helpful to use nvm in order to make sure you're using the particular node version we are using.

nvm install           # installs the node version we are using
npm install -g yarn   # Install yarn
yarn                  # Install dependencies

yarn build            # Build initial version
yarn watch            # Run the watch task
yarn test             # Validate the present schemata

🌐 Adding your community / conference

If you want to add your local community / conference to the map, please have a look at how the other communities added their community (resp. conferences). There is a JSON schema your community.json is validated against through Travis (resp. for conferences).

  1. Fork this repository
  2. Create a new file in communities/${YOURCITYNAME}.json (resp. conferences/${YOURCONFERENCE}.json)
  3. Enter valid JSON as of the schema (resp. conferences_schema.json)
  4. Commit & push your change
  5. Create a Pull Request against this repository

Finding the coordinates of your city...

...can be very tricky, which is why we're logging the current position of your mouse every time you click somewhere on the map.

GIF showing how a mouse click logs the coordinates under the map to the console

🌐 Showing upcoming conferences on your conference page

A lot of the conferences listed here also list their "sibling"-conferences on their website so your attendees might be inspired to visit another conference in our communities. We highly encourage you to do that and provide a couple of ways of sourcing our data, either live or at build-time of your website:

  • conferences.json contains all conferences (including past conferences right now).
  • conferences.js is a jsonpscript that will call the function window.softwarecraft_conferences_callback with the exact same data as is contained in conferences.json.
  • See conferences_schema.json for a JSON-schema of an individual conference. The JSON will always contain an array of these.

Example code (not tested)

<script type="application/javascript">
window.softwarecraft_conferences_callback = function(conferences) {
  console.log("Received conferences", conferences);
  for(let conference of conferences) {
<script type="application/javascript" src=""></script>

👍 Contributing to the website


💻 3rd-party libraries used

To be documented. For the moment, have a look at our target/vendor/ directory and our package.json.

  • materialize-css
  • rollup
  • babel
  • font-awesome
  • mapbox
  • jquery

The logo is a remix of 🌐 from emojiOne released under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International and the Softwerkskammer Logo released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

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