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Yo Dawg I heard you liked Redis so I put more Redis in your Redis
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SubRedis is a simple namespace wrapper for Redis, generating completely sandboxed redises to enhance application safety and modularity.

Subredis allows creating redis's within an existing redis (or subredis) by prepending a prefix to the key before interacting with redis. Each subredis exists in a redis-compatible but isolated bubble unaffected by other subredis activity going on in the application. See [sample usage](##Sample Usage) for examples.

You can read more in this blog post.


 pip install subredis

Sample Usage

Basic Usage

 from subredis import SubRedis

 redis = redis.from_url('redis://localhost:6379')
 subred = SubRedis("keyspace", redis)
 subred.set("foo", "bar")   # stores keyspace_foo -> bar
 subred.get("foo")          # gets keyspace_foo
 subred.flushdb()           # flushes everything in "keyspace"

Create hierarchy within redis

 # Redis storing info about this student's classes
 subred = SubRedis(studentId + "-classes", redis)
 subred.set("name", "Biology")
 subred.set("teacher", "Professor Tim")
 # Redis storing info about this student's grades in this class
 subred2 = SubRedis(classId + "-grades", subred)
 subred2.set("Midterm", "89")
 subred2.set("Final Project", "72")

Supported Features

Subredis intends to support nearly all features of a StrictRedis instance with the following exceptions:

  1. Lua Scripting
  2. Many Redis "Admin" interface calls (ie bgsave, etc)

License, etc

Released under Apache license. See here for more info.

(C) Doug Turnbull, 2013

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